Summer is Cancelled

Imagine you have been going to or working at the same camp for as long as you can remember. Now imagine going to your camp’s website to register for camp or to fill out an application to work the summer at camp and finding the headline, “Summer is Cancelled”. What would be your reaction to this news? What if the explanation for cancelling their summer programs was that they couldn’t sustain the cost or that their facilities were beginning to get old and run down? what would you do? Donate time, maybe materials? Now imagine if the reason was because the people who camp served couldn’t afford to pay to go to camp? Would you then donate to a scholarship fund?

Now this is all hypothetical and I pray that no one experiences this. Donating time, materials, money, resources isn’t a waste. You may not see a direct or immediate return on your investment. I ask you now to think back to your favorite  camp memory. What was camp like for you? What did you learn or what skills did you pick up from camp? Did you overcome a fear?

Now think about the children in your community whose parents may not be able to afford sending their child to camp. Would you give of yourself so that they may experience a week at camp? Would you give more if you knew that child could pick up valuable skills and experiences that could give back to your community?

Many camps have a scholarship program and I am sure that any camp would be more than happy to know that you are willing to give. You can also give in a manner that will sustain the facilities of the camp. Things get old and break. Or if you can’t really give money then give your time. Volunteer for work weekends or volunteer a week or two of your summer.

You never know the impact that you may make in some one’s life by giving of yourself.


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